Power Budgeting

por Elitmind SP

Power Budgeting is a cutting-edge solution dedicated to Finance and Controlling departments.

Elitmind offers a solution tailored for Finance & Controlling departments that enable your organization to:

    • Create plans and report their results in one place

    • Forecast Management directly in reports.

    • Automate forecast updates.

    • Create and manage several budget versions.

    • Consolidate financial data.

    • Manage dictionaries and mappings.

Solution enables multiple features such as:

  • Budget preparation (bottom-up, top-down)
  • Budget versions management
  • Possibility of importing budget from the Excel
  • Possibility of export prepared budget to the Excel

Process workflow
  • Central management of the budgeting process
(Initializing the process, tracking the progress)
  • Acceptance process of budgeted values
  • Management of user permissions

  • Adding comments to the budgeted values
  • Budget acceptance or rejection with the possibility of adding a comment
  • Notifications (e-mail, SMS, etc.)

Historical data
  • Integration with the ERP system and actual data ingestion
  • Import data from flat files
  • Periodical update of forecast values based on actual data

Multi-dimensional model
  • Import dimensions from flat files or the ERP system
  • Possibility of maintaining dictionaries and mappings in the app
  • Automatic consolidation of the budgeted values into one consistent model

  • Budget reports (budget 12M vs actual/forecast, comparison several versions of the budget)
  • Variance analysis (actual vs budget vs forecast)
  • What-if analysis
  • Managerial dashboards

Available visuals:
  1. Budgeting Dashboard
  2. Budget Report
  3. Budget Planning Form
  4. Workflow Acceptance
  5. Scenario Management
  6. Permission Management

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