Pool Car Booking System

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For efficiency, flexibility and affordability use Gems Pool Car Booking System

Gems Vehicle Request and Allocation Management System:

Gems Pool Car Booking System is a powerful vehicle booking solution that automates the management of your fleet of vehicles making booking vehicles a breeze. The solution helps the organization to simply track who, when, and for what duration they would like to use the company vehicles, thereby optimizing utilization.

It implements various workflows that helps to automate the flow process.

Some of the features are as stated below:

  • Approval Workflows – This system routes and track requests and approvals to ensure efficiency and transparency.
  • Email Notifications – This system sends defined email notifications to all role players at every stage of the flow process.
  • Vehicle Management – The system allows for the easy and flexible handling, checking, and recording of car availability and distribution. It helps make the management of the company vehicles transparent.
  • Vehicle Tracking – The system can be integrated with IoT devices or car tracking solutions for real time location of vehicles.
  • Driver Management – This system tracks and manage the availability and distribution of vehicle drivers within the organization.
  • Rating – This feature allows passengers to rate their trip experience after a journey.
  • Analytics – Provides you with detailed data and reports to fully optimize your fleet size and mix against operational requirements.
  • Dashboard – Robust vehicle usage and utilization dashboard for an overview of who, when and why fleet vehicles are used for the management decision makings.

Some of the benefits of using the solution:

  • Self-Service - Users book vehicles themselves, resulting in significant administration savings.
  • Cost savings - Significant cost savings can be achieved by truly understanding the utilization picture and disposing of under-utilized assets.
  • Vehicle utilization tracking that helps businesses schedule maintenance as at when due.
  • Late return alerts send notifications to the administrators when a car is overdue on a trip.

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