HSE Management System (Action Tracker)

por Gems Consulting Company Ltd

To eliminate manual tasks, reduced risks, implement corrective actions, and increased productivity.

Gems HSE Management System (Action Tracker):

Gems HSE Management System (Action Tracker) is a simple and powerful workflow-based action management and tracking solution. It has been designed and developed to manage close-out of safety, health and environmental risk action items. The system tracks your corrective and preventive actions for continuous improvement. It has five participation level, all of which have specific roles assigned to them.

Some of the features are as stated below:

  • Approval Workflows – By routing and tracking requests, the system uses automation to significantly decrease time needed for manual tasks and eliminate mistakes that cost compliance points.
  • Email Notifications – Sends email directly from the action register to the action owner and all role players with an automated subject line and email body generated from entries.
  • Action Register – Enable users to enter, send and track HSE related action items until close out, and allows analysis of undesirable trends.
  • Task Deadline Escalation – Actions can be escalated to a different or higher participation level depending upon certain conditions which are regulated by defined rules or algorithms.
  • Analytics – Provides you with detailed data and reports to fully analyze data and undesirable trends over time.
  • Dashboard – Provides a complete visibility of compliance action items in one place to make fast decisions.

Some of the benefits of using the HSE solution:

  • Understand the context of improvement actions.
  • Prioritize and manage your improvement actions.
  • Keep oversight of the progress of actions.

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