Doc Manager

por OnTarget Group

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Custom SharePoint Integration, extend default integration features

The Doc Manger is a custom app developed by OnTarget with the purpose of overcoming the limitations of the default SharePoint integration with Dynamics 365. It works seamlessly in the background giving the same user experience to the end user as the default integration.


· No need to use the default document management settings.

· Use multiple SharePoint sites for different tables

· Ability to configure the document library name that will be created in SharePoint. (ex. “Customers” instead of “Account”)

· Ability to configure the folder name that will be created in SharePoint with values from the record itself. (ex. AccountName_AccountNumber)

· Ability to nest folders based on custom lookup fields and for multiple parent-child tables ( Default integration only allows nesting using Customer field and only 1 level down)

· Ability to rename the folder in SharePoint when values used in folder naming change. (ex. change folder name when account name changes)

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