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Save storage by automatically syncing CRM attachments to your SharePoint site.

Are attachments in your CRM system taking up all of your system storage? With PowerAttachment you can automatically set attachments to sync to your SharePoint site - stripping the actual attachment from CRM and replacing it with a link to the document that is now stored in SharePoint. PowerAttachment will work with all entities and their attachments. If you wish to leave attachments intact for a specific entity, simply define the entity in the PowerAttachment configuration and the solution will not touch those attachments!


  • Save storage space within Dynamics CRM, which can add up to significant savings.
  • Configure for all attachments or specific entities, allowing organizations to choose to keep attachments intact in CRM for certain entities.
  • Move attachments from incoming email activities to your SharePoint.
  • Define which document types you would like PowerAttachment to allow.
  • Access all of the links to your attachments directly from your email activity form.
Don't Forget To Register Your Add-On!

Once the PowerPack add-on is imported into your CRM, make sure to register it! For instructions on how to register your PowerPack Add-on, check out the FAQ in the Learn More section below.