Automated processes to help you handle the sales of your subscriptions-based products and services

Are your processes to handle subscription-based services inefficient and eating up your time?

Simplify the process of creating and adjusting subscription entitlements for customers. Start with an Opportunity record, define which services the customer is entitled to and select a start date. An expiry date will be automatically added according to the subscription duration you select. When the Opportunity is closed as "won",  an "Account Products and Services" record will automatically be created.
Using these custom records allows users greater freedom when dealing with subscription-based sales, and means they can be separate to one-off purchase products and services.
The custom subscription records will either have the status "Draft", "Active" or "Expired", making it easier for you to create dynamics views of subscriptions in each status.
Save time by using the simple "Renew Service" button to create a new Opportunity record, populated with all the same details from the previous subscription, if customers choose to renew their services during the current term or even after expiry.
If the pricing for entitlements have changed, simply select a new price list to update the prices associated to the services. You can easily handle your prices lists, with our Price List Manager.

Solution features:

        • Automated flows
              • Automatically launch an "Account Products and Services" record, once an Opportunity is closed as won
              • When records reach the subscription start date the status will automatically switch to "Active", and change to "Expired" when expiry date is reached
        • Custom "Account Products and Services" entity to handle all subscriptions (can be renamed)

Key usage scenarios:

  • Customer service entitlements: include individual elements and easily change this case by case
  • Product rentals: decide how long product will be allocated
  • Licences: know when licences are active and easily renew subscriptions when the time comes

How to Deploy 

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