MazikCare Care Planner

por Quisitive

MazikCare Care Planner streamlines the entire planning process for physicians and caregivers.

Quisitive’s MazikCare Care Planner streamlines the entire planning process for physicians and caregivers. By leveraging patient-specific medical history, symptoms, and preferences, Care Planner empowers healthcare providers to create personalized digital treatment plans that eliminate manual processes and deliver optimal health outcomes.

With the healthcare industry shifting towards value-based care, MazikCare’s Care Planner app helps to bridge the gap in healthcare delivery by prioritizing patient care and improving cost efficiency, leading to better outcomes for patients and healthcare organizations alike.

The MazikCare Difference

Managing care plans for patients with multiple or chronic conditions can pose significant challenges for healthcare providers. Patients require individualized care plans that address their unique needs, and the complexity of their medical requirements can make it difficult to create and manage these plans effectively. In addition, today’s healthcare providers often work in silos, which can lead to miscommunication and a lack of coordination and compliance.

MazikCare Care Planner offers a solution to these challenges. Care Planner enables healthcare networks to establish structured treatment templates, manage follow-up tasks, reminders, and appointments, and assign assessments based on the patient’s unique treatment path. This streamlined approach enables care teams to work more efficiently, reduces back-end work, and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.

Comprehensive care management powered by Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365

  • Configurable Treatment & Care Plans: With standardized care plans, healthcare providers can easily configure and apply them to patients with similar diagnoses and diseases, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Centralized Care Experience: MazikCare Care Planner delivers a centralized and seamless experience for all stakeholders involved in patient treatment, enabling them to work collaboratively towards achieving optimal outcomes.
  • Instant Access to Records: Get ease of access to patient history and past treatment plans, allowing for greater transparency and improved continuity of care.
  • Real-Time Monitoring Capabilities: Designed to adapt to changing healthcare standards and physician preferences, MazikCare Care Planner can be configured and adjusted to meet your evolving needs.
  • Security & Accessibility from Microsoft: Built on Microsoft Azure, Power Platform and Dynamics 365, MazikCare provides peace of mind that your data will be fully secured, and your users will have access anywhere, anytime.

MazikCare Healthcare Cloud Platform

MazikCare Care Path empowers patients and providers to collaborate on comprehensive care plans, access health services, and promote better health outcomes. Part of Quisitive’s MazikCare Healthcare Cloud Platform and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, Care Path is available from Day 1 to boost engagement, reduce burnout, and improve care delivery.

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