Document Approval


Document Approval - Application automation of document review and approval process

The Document Approval is an application covering the internal review and approval process (eg offers, contracts, etc.) fast and easy.

"Document Approval" is for everyone. Even a small business can reduce its costs and working hours, only through Office 365.

It caters to any type of business, regardless of size or industry, which wishes to automate and digitize specific processes. (Prerequisite is the use of Office 365). It is based on Office 365 and as it works through Teams, browser or mobile device(app), it offers the user an easy-to-use, functional & familiar environment. The process is completed in 3 simple steps: Upload documents - Review – Approval.

Document Approval app guarantees that an internal enterprise process stays up to date with the latest business requirements, ensures a digital only process on top with Microsoft 365 functionality such as data integrity, data prevention policies and authentication security. We are introducing a solution that can be customized and deployed in a matter of weeks and solve issues that have been a pain for users, managers and IT professionals.



• Ensuring the approval process, as defined by the company

• Quick and easy access to, from anywhere and any device.

• Easy file sharing, without mail exchange

• Seamless flow of documents inside and outside the business. Reduce unnecessary printing and save resources on consumables.

• Increase productivity, as archiving and searching digital files becomes simpler and faster.

• Save space on the server (after all in the cloud)

• Security. Access to information is limited to those who need it. In case of corrections, the latest version is always available.


Additional features - extensions upon request:

·       Integrate with DocuSign for e-Signatures

·       Integrate with 3rd party apps

·       Add more metadata to the process

·       Build advanced search

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