UDS Business Data Masking


Hide tonnes of private data in Dynamics 365 at once.

Meet an add-on for mass camouflaging or deleting Dynamics 365 data! UDS Business Data Masking can be useful when you share access to your Dynamics 365 with third parties: developers, partners, and anybody who needs to deal with the whole-functional system with some secret fields.

  • Field types

    UDS Business Data Masking can apply changes to the text, multiline, and date fields. Work with currency fields will be available in one of the next releases.

  • Masking capacity

    One masking session lasts up to 30 minutes, and you can leave the add-on running in the background. The amount of data processed during one session depends on the chosen entities and specifics of your system

  • Quick masking

    Default settings and simple masking flow allow you to get the job done within the shortest time possible.

  • Custom settings

    If necessary, form your list of entities and views to be modified, change masking rules and create new ones.

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