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Flex Forms


Simple and flexible SharePoint forms for everyone!

Flex Forms let you design and use complex forms for capturing information from your co-workers and employees without any technical programming knowledge. The intuitive and easy to use what you see is what you get form designer makes designing the most complex organizational forms a breeze. The data captured by the forms can be saved in a SharePoint List, sent to you via email or you can choose to do both. Extensive reporting options let you analyze the data captured by your forms to act upon based on your business needs.

Use our Flex Forms App to create forms for:

• Event Registrations

• Feedback

• Award Nominations

• Travel Requests

• General HR Data Collection

• Audits

• And Much More!

Feature Highlights:

• WYSIWYG In-browser drag and drop form designer.

• Support for various text formatting and input controls

• Customizable submission success message

• File Attachment support for modern browsers

• Input validations with customizable error messages

• Form Submission to SharePoint List, Email or both

• Reporting on submissions

• Access control for submission viewers

Please note that Flex Forms cannot be used in public facing anonymous site scenarios.

Note: This app is not supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.