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Manage your Strategic Plan with Goal Huddle

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Keep your team focussed on strategic objectives and deadlines

Goal Huddle allows for a program of work to be formulated, structured, communicated and reported on, whilst being executed and adapted by a cross functional team.

A program in Goal Huddle is typically a series of 3-5 major initiatives that cascade down to the objectives and priorities supporting them and the details of how success will be measured.

It visually aligns all stakeholders to the same view of the initiatives being managed so that direction, accountability and progress become clear.

Status changes and reminders are built into the system so that users are alerted when their assigned goals are at risk of running late, or a status update is becoming due.

Measures can be attached to goals if required so that both the activity and the outcome are tracked together.

The system is typically used at boardroom level to provide management reporting of

  • Business Strategy
  • Major Change Programs
  • Product Development
  • Innovation Inititatives
  • Business Unit Plans and Scorecards

If it takes several days to collate a boardroom update or the status of a program of work then Goal Huddle is for you.

Goal Huddle differs from a project plan by tracking objectives and measures rather than activities.

Where teams need to be kept informed of the strategic plan, and face to face communication is infrequent, Goal Huddle bridges the gap by providing a single source of strategic direction, updated as progress and circumstances change.

The key benefits are

  • Clarity of purpose for a team
  • Alignment of resources to one direction
  • Visibility of progress
  • Measurement of tangible results
  • A long running record of decisions and directions
  • A single location for supporting documents
  • Automated alerts for report deadlines and work deadlines

Note that Goal Huddle is a responsive web application using HTML5, and as such some features may not work in Internet Explorer 9.

Version includes enhanced reporting and greater control over email notifications

Version includes improvement to the Gantt Chart view, Improvements to the dashboard format and some bug fixes.

Version report formatting changed to respect 'in item' break lines

Version includes bug fix for large strategic plans involving a large number of items

Version includes getting started guide & support contact information for improved first time user experience

Version includes features to allow branding of the app to match customer logo and colours

Version Includes minor bug fix