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KWizCom Touch


5.0 (1)

SharePoint collaboration, redefined for touch experience & hand held devices!



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KWizCom Touch provides you with a SharePoint interface that was redesigned to fit to your hand-held device. This responsive UI displays different displays depending on what exact device you are using, so you will see the UI optimized to your device. Menus, buttons, links and the entire user experience becomes much easier to use, faster to accomplish your tasks.

Once installed, simply visit the app page or add "/t" suffix to your site url from your touch-enabled device.

You might need to disable the out of the box mobile feature on your site, if you are redirected automatically.

Here is a short list of what you can do with the app now, visit the app page for more up-to-date information as we update features as we implement them:

  • Enjoy touch friendly, responsive UI site that auto-scales to best fit your device
  • Navigate sites and apps very intuitivly
  • View lists and libraries
  • View list items by view
  • Search within a list view (views with over 10 items)
  • Share your page via email
  • Send us feedback
  • Quickly make a call or send an email by clicking on colums that contain that information
  • View lookup columns as a link, click it to open the connected item.

IE9 or older versions are not supported.

Supported browsers:

IE (10 and above), FireFox (latest), Chrome (latest), Safari (latest).

Devices tested: WindowsPhone 8+, iPhone 5+, Android (via chrome browser)