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Email Reactor

Flow Simulation Ltd.

3.4 (18)

Time-saving Email Response Drafting Tool

Do you find yourself copying and pasting message contents over and over as you deal with your e-mail inbox? You have some standard replies, but you're not a marketing robot, You need to look at each one and respond individually, but you could do with a little help...

That's where Reactor comes in. We provide you with some standard replies, and we scan the message to make our best guess at the right one. Now it's over to you: pick a different template if needed and then hit the Respond button which will open the New Message dialog with the template loaded. Now you can hit send or modify the message as required to give it that personal touch.

Capacidades del complemento
Cuando se usa este complemento:
  • Puede enviar datos por Internet.
  • Este complemento puede obtener acceso a la información personal del mensaje activo, como nombres de remitentes y destinatarios, direcciones de correo electrónico, cuerpo del mensajes y datos adjuntos. Puede que el complemento envíe estos datos a servicios de terceros. Otros elementos del buzón no se pueden leer ni modificar.