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3.2 (5)

Contextual information that enriches documents and spreadsheets.

This enables you to annotate selections in your Microsoft Office® documents and spreadsheets with additional content such as:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Lists
  • Links
  • Videos

This enables a new class of document whereby contextual supporting material can be used to explain, enhance or extend the main content while preserving clean presentation and narrative flow. Available for Word® and Excel®.

Some examples of uses:

  • Adding instructions for templates and forms without adding clutter.

  • Author's notes.

  • Explaining how magic numbers were derived, or why they were chosen.

  • Documenting the reasoning behind wording choices.

  • Adding "aside" information to encourage the audience to delve deeper.

  • Recording previous wordings, numbers or calculations.

  • Providing justifications for the values.

  • Linking to original material or references.

  • Providing helpful hints.

  • Many many more uses...

Data is stored to the files themselves (and never sent over the internet), and the annotations can be seen next by anyone with Annotate.

Enrich your content. Engage your audience. Annotate.

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