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Project and Issue Tracking

Chronodat LLC

4.3 (4)

Manage and track clients and their IT project-related issues.

The Chronodat Issue Tracker add-in provides a method to track clients and their IT project-related issues. Does your business have multiple clients? Does a given client have multiple IT projects? Does each client have IT project-related issues that need tracking? Look no further - the Issue Tracker add-in keeps everything separated, within an easy-to-manage interface.

The primary objective of the add-in is to create an IT project-related issue for a specific client project, and track that issue to its end resolution. After creating it, the issue is assigned, worked, resolved, then closed. If your team is Scrum- or Agile-based, the design and workflow of the Issue Tracker add-in will be very familiar to you.

  • Pre-defined Issue Types, such as Defect, Improvement, New Feature, Task, etc., all configurable according to your business
  • Pre-defined Issue prefix to easily identify and manage issues; for example, “IT-Issue-2017-1”
  • Pre-defined Issue Categories (such as Hardware, Software, etc.), & Issue Sub-Categories (such as broken monitor, need Microsoft Office installed, etc.), all configurable according to your business
  • Pre-defined Resolution Categories, such as Fixed, Cannot Reproduce, Works as Designed, Canceled, etc., all configurable according to your business
  • Pre-written Email Templates for notifications sent to the client, again, configurable according to your business
  • Color-coded, built-in dashboards for quick metrics & reporting, with no configuration needed; there is a Global Dashboard for all client issues, and a personal Dashboard for each Project team member. In both types of Dashboards, you see:

  • 10 most recently updated Issues, by Status

  • Issue Status pie chart (Active vs. Closed)

  • Issue Status bar chart, based on Priority

  • Issue Status bell curve chart, based on Project

  • Issue Status grid, based on Assigned To

  • 5 most recently updated Issues, regardless of Priority or Status
  • Project and Client Dashboards for Issues related to a specific client or project.
  • An Issues Board, with column-based board views, with a drag & drop feature for quickly changing Statuses
  • Powerful Search engine to find Issues quickly & easily
  • Export options, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and more
  • Setup for designating a client’s Project Support Contacts
  • Issues document repository for uploading & storing documents for the Project team to share and use
  • A Project Team Calendar to keep track of client and project meetings, Project team social events, etc.
  • Security is built in, and user access is very customizable
  • Includes a responsive design, and mobile-friendly for use on any device.

Version Improvements:


  • Possible to change add-in logo and color scheme as per your branding requirements using predefined color schemes.
  • Restrict add-in settings access to specific SharePoint group
  • Client and Project cascading drop-downs enabled in New/Display and Edit forms.

Installation & Configuration

The Chronodat Issue Tracker add-in is very easy to install, and we will help you to configure the add-in if needed. With only a few configuration settings, you are up and running!


The add-in is compatible with IE10 and later, as well as the latest version of Chrome and Firefox.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contacts us at, and we will get back to you shortly.