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FastList for issues, tasks and beyond


Read, edit, create, search items with lighting speed. Access your data from iPad and Tablet.

Cloud2050 FastList transforms SharePoint site into a fast and responsive Single Page Application. List with thousands of items can be viewed and navigated instantly. Unlike native SharePoint site which reloads the page frequently, FastList brings back the desktop application user experience to SharePoint. FastList is ideal for managing issues, tasks and any list data...

  • Tablet First Design

Cloud2050 FastList is touch-screen friendly. Either you are on a pad or laptop, you can easily navigate through the data and manipulate the data with finger tips. Unlike the native SharePoint site which is really not designed for mobile device like iPad.

  • Trello Alike Boards Convert your list into a Trello alike boards for easy visualization and planning [#LI]Edit Item Fast

Read, Add and Edit list item fast without leaving the page. Easily add rich text content, images, attachments to item.

  • Instant Search

Instantly show search results as you are typing keywords.

  • Filter by columns

Easily filter list items by User, Choice and DateTime columns. You can easily query the list items by assigned person, status, due data ...

  • Complete Commenting System

FastList comes with a complete commenting system that allows user to add, edit and delete rich text comments easily. Out-of-the-box SharePoint's comments (append only column) doesn't allow editing or deleting appended content.

  • Inline Editing

Switch to list inline editing mode to edit multiple list items at once.

  • Batch Delete and Copy

Delete multiple list items with a single click. Clone existing item into many copies.

  • Design Query and Generate Reports

Define you query and generate a report about issues, tasks or items.