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Beyond Intranet Timeline


5.0 (6)

Timeline to showcase Events, Meetings, Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any calendar

You got to experience our add-ins to believe how engaging and usable, SharePoint Add-ins can be and how they can add to your efficiency and productivity.

Timeline add-in provides an easy mechanism to show case Events on your home page in the form of a timeline.

More commonly known as a fishbone projection

You can use the Timeline Add-in in 2 ways.

a. Use the Calendar list supplied with the add-in

b. Use your existing Calendar list along with Timeline

Options and Customizations in the Timeline

1. To use the default Calendar list of the add-in, click the Add/Edit Event icons

2. After adding events, you can add “Event Timeline add-in” on the page from web parts list.

3. To change the settings for the webpart, Please change the options in Webpart toolbar.

4. In the Custom Properties section of the Add-in following options are available.

5. Timeline Name – The heading for your timeline.

6. Title Background Color – To change the background color of your heading.

7. Data Source – Option to select data source for your timeline.

(i) add-in list - The default list present inside the add-in will be used.

(ii) Custom list from host web – Give your own list name already created in the host web where the Add-in is installed.

8. Custom List From Host Web

If you select option b in Data source, then the list name provided here will be used, else if “add-in List” is chosen, then the default list in the add-in will be used.

Other Options

(i) Enable Add Event Button

(ii) Enable Add Zoom Buttons

(iii) Enable Slide Buttons

(iv) Show Timeline Title

New features in this version:


1. Define colors for categories used in the list from the host web.

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