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Workflow Monitor

Ray Li

To see the status of your workflows on one page, you can end or restart the suspended instances too.

As an administrator of workflows in SharePoint, once a time your workflow could get suspended somehow, and some times you need to edit the item before you restart the workflow instance.

This tool can help you to see all the running instances on one page, and gives you the links to View Properties(DispForm.aspx) and Edit Properties (EditForm.aspx), and with two buttons to End and Restart the instance.


Workflow Monitor can help you to monitor all the workflows defined in the current web.

1. First you need to add the workflow into monitor list

2. Add-in can show you a ratio of suspended workflow instances with running workflow instances

3. On the details page, you can see all the workflow instances. You can easily view the item with each instance, and also to end/restart the workflow instance.

4. On the details page, you can see the tasks of each workflow instance, and you can re-assign them if you need.


You need to have the permissions to End/Restart workflow first. This place just offer you a centralized place to do the same easily.


We only provide a farm license, which means you only need to buy 1 license, no matter how many users are going to use it, for the whole farm (tenancy, if it is SharePoint Online).