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Namirial eSignAnyWhere for Outlook

CompuSight Corporation

eSignAnyWhere allows for sending the attached email documents for electronic signature (eSignature)

eSignAnyWhere is an integration between Outlook and an electronic signature provider Namirial. In order to use the add-in users must have a valid Namirial account and enter its API credentials on the Welcome page. That page is accessible from the add-in and should be used by the Office365 administrators. Only enabled users by the administrator can use the add-in.

The add-in takes the content of the email and makes a context out of it. Title, recipients and documents become the envelope that gets sent for signing. Additionally, these can be changed to fit users’ needs.

Capacidades del complemento
Cuando se usa este complemento:
  • Puede enviar datos por Internet.
  • Este complemento puede obtener acceso a la información personal del mensaje activo, como el cuerpo, asunto, remitente, destinatarios y datos adjuntos, y modificarla. Puede que el complemento envíe estos datos a servicios de terceros. Otros elementos del buzón no se pueden leer ni modificar.