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Voice and AI controlled virtual meeting assistant, meeting info, transcript, minutes & task manager

Stop wasting time and money on broken meetings. Instead, let isLucid boost your team productivity and free up to 25% of time in Microsoft Teams meetings and following up. Get easy-to-comprehend meeting minutes right after the call finishes. Share meeting summary with team members or external stakeholders. Create tasks from transcription and use thousands of integrations – workflow automation for you.

isLucid is a single place to manage your Microsoft Teams meetings information and transcripts with inbuilt AI meeting assistant. isLucid accurately transcribes meetings in 30+ languages and dialects. Software creates robust meeting summaries, meeting minutes for secure distribution and sharing. Create and assigns tasks from transcript in real-time or when meeting is finished. Integrate with the software of your choice (Microsoft Planner, Atlassian Jira, Azure DevOps & thousands more).

Benefit from shorter more engaged meetings and calls. Sales call, recruitment interview, client support and customer success meeting? Ensure that important topics are covered with Agenda/Questionnaire

For collaboration the transcript itself is always accessible to you and your colleagues. See the highlights you made, actionable items created, who are informed. AI algorithms predict potential tasks to simplify your routine. Easily mark bookmarks for future reference. It’s the single place for meeting information management.

  • Less meetings and of shorter duration
  • Less unnecessary meeting attendees
  • Simple and efficient management
  • Less time spent for notes taking and follow-ups

Now meeting hosts can lead, listen, and learn with attendees, creating real value, collaboration, and engagement. isLucid is more than a nice to have app – it’s that essential hire you’ve been looking for!

Meeting management

  • During meetings:

    • Real-time voice-to-text transcription
    • AI Task Identification (only in English language)
    • Sync of expectations – team visible tasks and notes created
    • Voice commands to note important moments
    • Multilanguage support for international teams (plus multiple dialects)
  • Post-meeting:

    • Automatic notes as records - edited for easy digestion and secured sharing
    • Tasks automatically assigned to integrated management software
    • Easily accessible meeting information for all participants
    • Information integrates to your CRM/ATS/Management software

Task Alignment

  • Easy scheduling to third part management apps. Secure. Flexible to meet your workflow
  • Spotlight updates - ahead, behind, not assigned
  • Agenda notes and follow-up - are we still on-board - is this still a good idea
  • Change of staff - bring them up to speed with meeting notes and discussions history


  • Transcript holds source of truth
  • Task spotlight recommends who needs help
  • Agenda helps planning
  • From verbal to written and actionable in no time.

Additional features:

  • Supported transcription languages and dialects (e.g. American English, Indian English, Canadian French, etc.): English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Lithuanian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish.
  • Support for Microsoft Teams out calling (a call to mobile covered!)
  • 3000+ software integrations supported via Zapier - requires one time Administrator config.
  • Security measures and data isolation with premium Microsoft Azure services and enterprise-level architecture. US and EU regions for data storage available.
  • Flexible deployment: choose SaaS or get isLucid deployed on your Azure subscription

For full list of features available Click here

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