RePoint Anniversaries

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Show on your Intranet who has birthdays, anniversaries and much more.


Set up on your intranet so that employees can see who has a birthday, anniversaries, etc., with the option to combine the views. There are several options so you can ensure that it fits exactly to your intranet.

The feature also supports secondary color theme in WebPart sections.

Built-in function for displaying anniversaries and birthdays before and after the weekend, so no employees are forgotten!

Employee list

You can have the module pull data from a SharePoint list that requires manual maintenance.

You can also sync directly from MS Azure AD. From this you select specific AD groups.

You also have the ability to sync from other sources, such as HR systems. Please note, however, that customization may occur and be settled in collaboration with extri:co.

Fully functional 30-days trial

When accessing RePoint Anniversaries for the first time, a fully functional 30-days trial will automatically be created for you. To purchase the unlimited Add-in, please contact extri:co ( / +45 96 26 87 00)

How to add this app

The easiest way to get this app is by accessing the store through the app catalog and add the app from there (make sure you're the site collection administrator of the app catalog).

If you try to add the app through a normal site collection you will have to request the app. This way the site collection app administrator receives an email from where he can click a link to approve the request before the app can be used.

If you for some reason do not get an email about the request, you can go into the app catalog site and there you will find the app request ready to be approved.

Microsoft Teams

The solution can also be added as Teams Tab and offers the same functionality as the WebPart.

For more information see this video:

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