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Onboard new team members and wish them on their birthdays and anniversaries

AnnounceBot helps you welcome new team members and wish them on their birthdays and work anniversaries. Great for onboarding employees and staying connected with your team, whether working in an office or remote!

Why Choose AnnounceBot?

- Simplify your employee onboarding with a customizable welcome message to new members

- Make virtual introductions between new members and existing team members

- Bulk import birth dates and joining dates for your team members. Also, bulk import email addresses

and birth dates of non-team members (clients, vendors, etc.) using a spreadsheet

- Sends birthday and anniversary wishes to employees automatically

- Receive reminders on your team members’ birthdays and send them wishes with one click

- Allows your team to send customized greeting cards to each other on different occasions

- View upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries

- Send birthday wishes to folks outside of your Microsoft Teams through email by using spreadsheet import feature

- It’s FREE! No charges for the free version. Only pay for premium features

Click on the Add to a team button now to get started with AnnounceBot!

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