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por Read AI, Inc.

Meeting Tools, Timer, Transcription, Notes w/ Read

Read Meeting Navigator (Free) joins your Teams meeting and displays a meeting timer, talk time metrics, and engagement and sentiment scores, all in real-time. After the meeting, receive a detailed meeting reporting with transcription that incorporates participant reactions.

With Read Meeting Navigator you receive for free:

  • Meeting Timer: Measures the duration of the call compared to the schedule (with alerts near the end of the call)
  • Talk Time: Ensure a balanced and inclusive conversation
  • Engagement: Insight into the interest level of the audience
  • Sentiment: Understand how people feel about the conversation
  • Transcription: Nextgen transcription incorporates how people reacted to the words that were said
  • Meeting Report: Post-meeting, receive and share transcription, highlights, and metrics from the conversation
  • Recommendations: Get time back for yourself and others with Read's automated meeting recommendations

Read Meeting Navigator is your all-in-one Teams app for better meetings. Read is built with consumer privacy at its foundation and is SOC 2 compliant. Raw audio and video data is deleted from our servers within 24 hours. We strive for full transparency by announcing itself in chat and in the attendee window. Create a free account to get started.

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