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1-click stunning tables with integrated charts for income statements directly in Office.

Zebra BI Tables for Office enables you to create powerful and advanced visualizations of your data without extensive knowledge of BI or data modeling. Create powerful income statements, hierarchical tables, sales, or cost variance reports or display other data with tables and integrated charts.

Zebra BI Tables for Excel lets you easily turn your data into advanced visualizations within your spreadsheet. Simply select the cell range, use a pivot table or an Excel table and bring in the add-in. In Zebra BI Tables for PowerPoint, there is a table chooser where a user can select the desired table layout and immediately get the data editor to type in the data (overwrite the dummy input). 

Choose from several table options that match your needs best:

-         Comparison tables with automatic calculation of the variances

-         Hierarchical tables to easily present more details

-         Cross-tables ("cross-tab") to drill-down in rows and columns

-         Calculation tables used for income statements, cash flow, balance sheets, and other reports where a data set is a calculation

Use Zebra BI Tables for Office to create the perfect visualizations in your professional reports and presentations. Benefit from: 

Getting immediate insights:

-         Add up to 3 different comparisons: Plan (PL), Previous Year (PY) and/or Forecast (FC).

-         Automatic calculation of absolute and relative variances

-         Seamlessly switch between chart or table view

-         Forecast display

Understanding the context behind the data:

-         Dynamic comments to explain insights

-         Scaled groups

Being flexible:

-         Formula editor to calculate new elements on the fly

-         Top N + Others functionality

-         Responsive design to fit large screens and mobile apps

-         Change the column order or hide columns

-         Invert result option

-         Flexible number formats

-         Expand/Collapse rows

-         Customizing fonts & colors of each row

From calculation to design, the Zebra BI Tables for Office gives you total flexibility when it comes to creating your reports in Excel or PowerPoint presentations, which can be done with a few simple clicks. Both add-ins are certified by Microsoft and follow the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS), which brings clear & efficient communication with your organization. Both also work in desktop and online environments, as well as in Office for Mac.  

Together with Zebra BI Charts for Office you will get the ultimate productivity tool for actionable insights in your reports and presentations. Using Zebra BI visuals will empower you to create actionable reports that are user-friendly, clear, and concise. To learn more and get some practical templates, visit 



Zebra BI is available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with Pro license.

For technical support, send us an email to 


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