Games for Work

por Microsoft Corporation

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Add a game in your next meeting to inspire teamwork, collaboration and FUN!

Add a game in your next Microsoft Teams meeting! Open the Games for Work app to choose from a collection of favorite games everyone knows. Infusing a moment of FUN in the work day will spark connection, initiate teamwork, and inspire creativity. Enjoy a quick game of Microsoft Solitaire, Microsoft IceBreakers, Microsoft Minesweeper, Microsoft Wordament. (From 2 to 250 players)

The Games for Work app delivers a selection of easy to play games that deliver a unique experience to foster relationships, encourage conversation, and build trust among your team. Play a quick round of head-to-head Solitaire, work collaboratively to clear a Minesweeper board, challenge your minds together in a quick round of Wordament, or share fun facts in the get-to-know-you game Microsoft IceBreakers.

In Games for Work, everyone is a winner. Come play with us!

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