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Electronic post-it for SharePoint 2013

The pinboard app is an electronic post-it for SharePoint 2013. It allows users to leave short messages, which are immediately visible to everyone. Easy, fast, convenient. The entries of the app are stored in a list, no matter where the app within the site collection is used. The app handles always the same values because it will always accessed the same data base.

The app is provided as AppPart, so as usual just to be included on any page. When attempting to invoke the app icon (website content), you will be redirected on a page that displays "Please use the app as a WebPart!"

The following components are provided by the app:

- List instance + list content type

- own CSS

- script files (. js)

- various pages (.aspx)

- images (thumbnail, preview, wall needle)

Steps to Start

- Click on "New entry".

- It will open a box to enter a short message (up to 255 characters). The relevant text is entered here.

- When ready click on "Publish".

- The entry appears immediately at the top of the memo.

Special Features:

The app displays the currently logged on user as the author. Date and time are taken from the system and will be saved in the list. Entries older than 24 hours will be automatically deleted.

The app works with Windows 7, Windows 8, all version of Internet Explorer from version 9 and higher, and with the latest version of chrome and Firefox. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8.

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