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The MyEducator Add-in is a tool used when doing office-based assignments on

This plugin is a simple uploader for students using MyEducator courses.

We have tens of thousands of students going through the platform each

semester, and one of the most common requests from instructors is to

allow submission from within Excel itself.

MyEducator Assignments seamlessly takes the work out of grading and submitting assignments. It makes it easier for assignments to be submitted over the MyEducator platform and courses. publishes college-level course textbooks on business analysis within Microsoft Excel. These courses are taken by tens of thousands of students each semester. As part of those courses, students complete assignments in Microsoft Excel and need to turn them in. This plugin makes the process easy by accessing the workbook OOXML and uploading it directly to for grading.

This plugin simplifies the process for the student and also circumvents common problems like login issues, saving and subsequently finding the file, upload problems, etc.

*Disclaimer: This add-in depends on external services or accounts. You will need to create and account for and be enrolled in a course in order to fully use this add-in.

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