GRAB AR / QR Generator


Automatically generate GRAB AR or Standard QR Codes to GRAB and view Content on your Mobile Phone.

GRAB AR | QR Code Generator | QR Reader | AR Content Viewer

GRAB AR / QR is the quickest and simplest way to GRAB and visualise ANY Content from SharePoint to your Mobile Phone with the use of QR Codes.

Once the GRAB AR / QR Add-In is installed you can automatically generate a GRAB AR or Standard QR Code for any Content Item.

To use GRAB AR / QR Codes, you can download and install the Free GRAB AR Mobile App.

GRAB AR is your Private and Secure QR Reader. With GRAB AR you can view Multiple Content Items interactively and in Augmented Reality! Visualise how multiple Content Items look in any environment and View Details associated to each. If you do not want to use a GRAB AR QR Code with the GRAB AR App you can simply switch to Standard QR Codes.

Using the GRAB AR App, you will be able to GRAB multiple Content Items from different save locations and visualise all in one interactive easy to access experience.

Save Time and be more Productive. Organise, Copy, Compare and Share Multiple Content Items in AR.

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*The GRAB AR / QR App is FREE to use. A GRAB AR Viewer Subscription provides the following additional features; Company Banner And Link On GRAB | GRAB Analytics.

*The GRAB AR / QR Generator does not support Internet Explorer 11 (In particular the download of the QR Code as Image from the QR Generator).

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