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Network Visualization and Filter


3.8 (16)

Visualize, filter, and explore tabular data using network visualization.

ZoomCharts Network Visual enables tabular data visualization, exploration and filtering using network layout. Such data representation reveals the underlying connections and makes complex data easy to understand.

Some practical use-cases of interactive network charts include:

  • Understand sales drivers by showing connections between product, seller, market, industry and any other facet.
  • Visualize and explore cost structure by showing the attribution to project, department, and region.
  • Analyze event data by country, event type, severity, product and impact.
  • Visualize marketing campaigns by type, medium, cost and profit, and manager.
  • Evaluate store product profitability by brand, location, category and more.

Seeing the relations makes it easier to find the problems and outliers. Clicking on any node acts as filter for the rest of the dashboard, making it easy to drill-through data and boosting Power BI productivity.

Free version provides:

  • Up-to 6 categories
  • Global-dynamic sizing based on the value field
  • Force-feedback layout
  • Hide/collapse/expand functionality for data exploration
  • Select one ore many nodes to use the visual as a filter

Advanced version of this visual ( adds many customization options, such as:

  • Legend control
  • Customizable vertices
  • Support for images inside vertices
  • Value-based edge labels
  • Inside/outside label configuration
  • Configurable dynamic radius for vertices
  • Configurable dynamic width for edges
  • Edge decorations
  • Up-to 9 categories

To get the Advanced version, proceed here:

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