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Up to 8-level Sankey Diagram in Microsoft Power BI. Visualize your data in a few clicks.

Sankey Diagram for Power BI helps you make smarter decisions by visualizing hidden relationships in your data. You can clearly find the sources, destinations and steps in between and how the information flows across them all in one quick glance.

This Power BI custom visual provides a bird’s-eye view of your data. It shows the proportions and magnitudes of the connected data elements.

Multiple levels Sankey in Power BI efficiently visualizes the information in a single view to show how much each component contributes.

It’s the perfect visualization to explore complex relationships in your data, such as:

Flow – how visitors interact and flow through your website
Many-to-many – students and classes relationship; one class can have multiple students, and one student can have multiple classes
Survey responses – you can see survey results in one view

Sankey simplifies communication between teams, management, and customers. This enables better decision-making and smoother collaboration.

With ChartExpo you can create a Sankey with up to 8 levels. You can customize and set properties for all components of Sankey, such as nodes, links, stats, text, colors, etc.

Download your copy of Microsoft Power BI Sankey Chart and use with confidence. This Power BI extension for Sankey Chart will quickly help to visualize your data. It supports more levels than Microsoft extension for Sankey Chart.

Power BI Sankey Chart tool features:

1. Ease of use: Create Sankey chart in Microsoft Power BI in few clicks.
2. Customize: Make Sankey diagram more appealing by using custom properties in Power BI.
3. Data format: Easy to use data format to create Power BI Sankey Diagram.
4. Sort Order: Power BI Sankey Chart sort order, arrange the chart nodes by level.
5. Node/Link Color: Power BI Sankey Chart change color of nodes and links.
6. Labels: Power BI Sankey Chart label, adjust fonts and stats information.

ChartExpo offers a free, no-risk, and no-commitment 7-day trial. The subscription cost is only $10 per user per month. You can cancel anytime you want.

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