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Advanced matrix for Reporting (Financial, Paginated, IBCS), Export to Excel, PDF, Forecast, Comments

Create management & financial reports in minutes using Inforiver. Inforiver Matrix offers expand/collapse capability on both row and column hierarchies, row and column grouping, reordering, and more. The product supports paginated reports, IBCS variance reports, financial statements, executive scorecards, editable forecasting & budgeting templates, cell-level annotations, slider-based simulations, in-cell charts, Excel-like formulae, and formatted exports to Excel / PDF.

The innovative user experience is facilitated by an advanced toolbar menu and context-menu interactions. Inforiver is certified by both Microsoft and International Business Communication Standards (IBCS).

This edition of Inforiver works independently in Power BI and does not require any additional backend infrastructure such as a database, server, or web service.

Inforiver Premium Edition Feature Highlights:
1. Management & financial performance reports
  • Spreadsheet-like cell, row, and column formatting
  • Re-order and group rows and columns using click-and-drag action
  • Advanced number formatting & dynamic scaling
  • Nested and/or filtering, Top N + others and more
  • One-click IBCS templates
2. Paginated reports
  • First-Previous-Next-Last style navigation
  • Custom page, row, column, and section breaks based on categories
  • Export to Excel with each category on a unique worksheet
  • Advanced header and footer with images, text, charts, and KPI cards
3. Input/edit data & perform visual calculations
  • Edit/update data in existing cells
  • Insert new rows & columns that support data input & formulae
  • Use Excel-like intuitive formulae & calculations
  • 70+ functions - math, logical, text, finance, statistical, and more
4. Planning, budgeting & forecasting
  • Create budgets using a blank template from scratch, or using performance data for current/prior periods
  • Spread/allocate projections entered at parent level to descendants based on weights of other measures (e.g., forecasts based on prior year data) or drivers (overhead distributed by department headcount)
  • Supports both top-down and bottom-up planning and budgeting
  • Use a graphical slider to perform what-if simulations
  • Create rolling forecasts by blending actuals & forecasts
  • Lock/unlock specific cells, rows & columns for editing

5. Formatted export to Excel/PDF
  • Perform formatted export of data along with font style, background, in-cell notes, footnotes, and data bars to Excel
  • Export charts, in-cell visualizations, and paginations to PDF including formatting and annotations

6. Other
  • Spreadsheet-like pivot analysis with Excel-like table layouts
  • Nest measures above categories in columns
  • 50+ in-cell charts and visualizations in a single click
  • Cell, row & column-level notes/footnotes & annotations, report summary, roll-up notes with filter/slicer context awareness

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If you are looking for data writeback, scheduling & collaboration capabilities in addition to all the above, try out Inforiver Enterprise.

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