Market Share Analytics

por Decision Point Analytics Inc

Holistic E2E share management tool that helps understand sources, drivers, forecasts, and planning

The Market Share analytics tool facilitates volume and value share monitoring, tracks diverse execution KPIs, and offers the ability to decompose share gain or loss across different execution levers. Market Share Analytics (Descriptive & Diagnostic): 1. Overall dashboard with user-friendly visualizations for critical KPIs such as volume share, value share, ND, and price 2. The Product Performance Summary shows businesses how their products are performing across different categories and how important each category is to their overall value share, helping make informed decisions about marketing, product development, and investment. 3. Market performance summary to identify sources of share change with share gain/loss and major contributors to share change 4. The Industry Landscape feature provides businesses with information about the industry's distribution and their position compared to competitors, identifying market leaders, major players, and areas for growth and improvement. 5. The Share Growth Decomposition feature provides insight into how value share is growing and why, informing future marketing and sales strategies by identifying which execution matrix elements are working and which are not. 6. The Metrics Comparison Trend feature enables businesses to compare their value share and execution matrix over time, helping identify trends and necessary adjustments in marketing and sales strategies. 7. The Product Comparison Trend feature facilitates comparison of multiple products' performance and value share, identifying areas of strength and weakness in the product portfolio. Market Share Base Forecasts (Predictive and Prescriptive): 1. Share Forecast Trend: Examine the trend of market share forecasts for different categories, packs, regions, and channels 2. Accuracy Dashboard: Assess model performance with an accuracy dashboard for training, testing, and forecast accuracies 3. Accuracy Deepdive dashboard: Analyze forecast accuracy further with a deep-dive dashboard that assumes no interventions in current trends 4. Growth Share Matrix feature: Helps businesses optimize their product offerings by allowing them to review their product portfolio and decide where to invest, discontinue, or develop products, maximizing their value share over time and aiding long-term strategic planning. The dashboard includes three screens that provide a seamless experience in creating, running, storing, and analyzing various market share scenarios. These screens are the Scenario Library, the Scenario Builder, and the Scenario Output, each offering different functionalities such as categorizing, creating, filtering, downloading, and visualizing scenarios.

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