Acterys Analytics & Planning For Stripe

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Automated Power BI model, dashboards and reports for Stripe

The Acterys Power BI Template App for Stripe adds unparalleled analysis and forecasting capabilities for one or more Stripe tenants in minutes. Users profit from a set of preconfigured dashboards for every single detail in Stripe: from detailed customer, transaction, and subscription insights to highly relevant forecasted revenue streams. In addition, you are able to build your own reports based on an easy-to-use data model according to best practice data warehouse standards. The application creates an automatically updating data warehouse in the cloud (Azure SQL) with all your Stripe data alongside a fully editable Power BI template.


Benefit From:

  • Quickest Results: with your reports ready in minutes
  • Insightful Templates: in Power BI with relevant metrics for Stripe subscriptions, customers, and transactions
  • Accurate Forecasts: Projections of your future revenue streams with the option to simulate planning assumptions


  • Every Stripe transaction in an Azure SQL data warehouse
  • Preconfigured dashboards for customer, subscription and churn analysis as well as forecasted revenue and cash flow
  • Smart tooltips available for most visualizations to easily explore underlying transactions.

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