Reporting for TimeLog

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Want to get deeper insight using your Timelog Data? Connect your Timelog Data with Power BI.

Now you can create reports and dashboards with your Timelog Data using Power BI. Using Power BI lets you get deeper insight on what has been registered, by who, which project and so much more. With Power BI it is easy to share your report/Dashboards with the rest of the organization. With this app each employee can also see his or her own status on many different parameters. Some parameters might be the number of hours registered, billing rate on which customers and much more. With the features of Power BI, you have many ways for filtering data. When you combine the great filtering features with a great selection of visualizations creating easy and understandable reports are just a short step away. Within the Power BI app itself you will find a configuration guide helping you to access your TimeLog data

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