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Productioneer – Daily Production


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Analyze production, operations, and expense tracking Productioneer data with Power BI.

Productioneer empowers oil and gas professionals to perform user-defined analysis on oil and gas production, operations and field cost tracking. Mi4’s Productioneer Power BI application harnesses the Productioneer data model to provide powerful drill downs and cross-filtering to view data from the enterprise level down to a single well. Each page of the application has been crafted for self-service data discovery:

Production – Visualize daily production data (Oil, Gas, BOE, Water) from the company level down to a well

Variance – Identifies the fields, batteries, and wells that had the greatest changes in daily production based on a 7 day moving average or a user specified period.

Wells On – Analyze well downtime for fields and see if uptime targets are being met

Today’s Snapshot – See today’s production per product (Oil, Gas, BOE, Water) with drill downs from the entire company to a single well

AFE – analyze a calendar years’ worth of expense data by facility type, work type or project. Compare field costs to AFE expense amounts