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ShareAdvance ProjectIntelligence


ShareAdvance ProjectIntelligence enables unique insights into your Microsoft Project Online data

ShareAdvance uses big data techniques to capture, store and analyze your data, bringing new insight to the discipline of project management.

Get deep insights into your project portfolio with ShareAdvance’s Power BI report pack. The ProjectIntelligence database allows you to snapshot your Microsoft Project Online data at configurable intervals, enabling more advanced project analytics such as trends, historical comparisons, and forecasts or predictions. We use Power Query to connect from the data straight to Power BI, insuring reports open and refresh very quickly. Our services facilitate project completion in shorter time-frames with higher quality, resource utilization and cost savings.

The ability to look at current and historical data to make course corrections on in-flight projects, or better plan for future projects is key to better project management. ShareAdvance enables this with many advanced, user-friendly Power BI reports that have been developed utilizing data visualization best practices.

Key Features:

Unlimited snapshots of all available Project Online fields – see trends and get predictive analytics to enhance your ability to bring in your projects on time, under budget, and visibly prove the value of your PMO.

Custom Gantt Chart – Our Gantt chart shows proper duration and allows you to visually compare project duration to baselines, as well as see where critical milestones exist along the project life-cycle.

Custom Bullet Spectrum visual – like a bullet graph, but more tuned to project management where you don’t want to be too high or too low on metrics like cost.

Dynamic Measures – By creating dynamic measures in certain reports, we’ve placed the power in your hands. You get to choose what you see and how you see it.

Color Formats and KPI’s – Various color formats and KPI’s have been implemented to make critical data points stand out and easier to interpret.

Customizability – Our Power Query data model is easy for you to use to modify existing reports or develop completely new reports that best meet the needs of your PMO.