Future Finance Smart Accounts

por Sparkle Solutions

Make decisions about the future of your company

A plug-in solution for performing financial analysis and forecasting. The data originates from an accounting software called Smart Accounts via their API. The target audience is small business managers and entrepreneurs. The reports and forecasts in Power BI help them understand their costs and incomes better, categorize them, see if they will have enough funds for the salary date to pay the employees and make day-to-day data-driven decisions, such as, is it possible to hire a new person. Smart Accounts doesn't enable creating personalized reports which present the relevant business metrics in simple and comprehensive methods. By using Power BI, we can start from the high level overview, visualize the trends and then drill through to ensure the costs are correctly reported. This is especially relevant for startups who need to present monthly breakdowns and forecast runway and for real-estate or other project-based development companies to have an accurate overview of their spending. The end-users can adjust the layouts to fit their needs, update the visuals to match their company CVI and integrate custom data sources such as Excel files.

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