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Best solution to calculate auto parts costs for companies with large car fleet, insurers & garages

Servicing Assessment & Repair Appraisal calculator (SARA) by Avtopro is the web service for companies with a large car fleet, insurance companies and service stations to make quick search and calculate the cost of auto parts.

Thousands of suppliers offer auto parts of different quality and prices, under different purchase and delivery conditions. When you are tasked with choosing not just one but a bunch of spare parts for multitude of cars - this might seem to be impossible task.

SARA allows to make significant savings on the cost of spare parts without losing in quality, it helps experts to make the best choice from our extensive database of auto parts, greatly reducing the time compared to manual search and selection.

What used to take hours or even days, is now just several clicks away.

SARA solution proved to be working efficiently in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, it allows to add your own suppliers and work with them in any new markets.

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