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AI-Powered Revenue Growth Management, Intelligent Assortment, and Strategic Business Planning

Insite AI is revolutionizing the way Consumer Brands make rapid and impactful Category & Assortment Management, Pricing & Trade Promotion, and Strategic Business Planning decisions. Our individualized, tailored-for-you AI platform empowers you to Influence your top retail channels and get ahead of the competition.

Elevate the Shopping Experience.

The Insite AI platform leverages all of the data Brands have access to (own data, retail sales/loyalty data, syndicated/market data) and uses billions of data points to simulate possible primary and downstream effects from each proposed change: adding, removing, or maintaining SKUs, changing prices, trade discounts, and more. You’ll see the impact of shelf-level assortment and promotion decisions before they happen, so you don’t need to wait months to understand the impact of your decisions.

What Insite AI provides:

• An End-to-End AI-Powered Prediction and Optimization Engine running within your cloud environment, so you can continually learn and optimize in real-time, based on actual data and events, to drive meaningful growth.

The most tailorable solution on the market to fit the exact execution nuances at major retail accounts or channels.

Leverage all your data (assemble, harmonize, augment, analyze) regardless of what state it’s in today, placing you well ahead of the category, account, and market.

Explainable decision-making and AI-driven recommendations for the most complex and competitive forecasting, assortment, space, pricing, and trade promotion initiatives.

Deliver top & bottom-line and market share improvement at key retail accounts by accurately anticipating market trends, demand transference, cross/price elasticity, etc.

Rapid time to value and self-funding outcomes; incomparable with the speed or ROI of other internal initiatives, teams, or existing capability partners.

Make adoption easy. We do the heavy lifting, learning your category and account particulars, aligning with your legacy solutions and other capability streams and teams.

Engage at your pace as the adoption model of Insite AI is tailored to your selected use case, brands, channels, and accounts, expanding further across your enterprise at your discretion.

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