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Employee Onboarding

Do you wish you could streamline all the steps in your employee onboarding?
Do you want to delight your new employees?
Do you want peace of mind knowing that your new employees have the right equipment, hardware and access, even when key back-office staff are replaced or on vacation?
There are many important steps involved in onboarding new employees, and it’s critical that they are handled consistently, and correctly.
Employee onboarding issues include:
  • incorrect payroll information
  • payroll timing issues
  • equipment delays
  • delayed or incorrect systems access
  • delayed facilities access etc.

Many companies rely on knowledgeable staff to manage these critical steps by email. This is vulnerable to missed steps, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies.

Autopilot offers you the peace of mind and consistency you’re hoping for, with:
  • A structured workflow with all the necessary branches and dependencies
  • Direct Integration into key HR, Payroll and other systems as required
  • Approvals, as required
  • Consistency, and easy process modifications
Autopilot is built to make this, and any other back-office process seamless; it can also handle your employee off-boarding process to ensure critical access, and systems, are systematically and timeously, removed.

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