AVEVA™ Unified Operations Center


Real-time operational performance management for infrastructure and process industry organizations

AVEVA Unified Operations Center is the foundation for real-time operational performance management for infrastructure and process industry organizations, providing closed-loop enterprise-wide visibility to optimize assets and operations.

    • Empower the whole team with a centralized view to help make informed decisions, fast 
    • Provides an enhanced layer of intelligence ensuring that data works in service to organizational goals
    • Create Context-Driven Actionable Information – Intelligently detect inefficiencies and potential problems, automatically triggering remedial action to constantly optimize operations performance.
    • Increase Visibility to KPI Performance – Remove complexity by controlling all operations with a single pane-of-glass, a system-of-systems, with connectors integrating all IT and OT systems.
    • Improve Bottom Line Profitability – Gain operational visibility of non-financial metrics across multiple sites, globally. Monitor the measures that impact the business, from production (plant utilization) to energy consumption.
    • Foster Continuous Improvement Initiatives – Get greater insights into what drives strategic decisions, like resource planning and better work processes across safety, maintenance, and planning functional groups. Align individual and group-level goals with business objectives that provide relevant actionable information.

Engineering, operations, and performance measures can be calculated from the site level down to the asset level. This brings end-to-end operational visibility across facilities helping you improve safety, operational efficiency, and ultimately the profit margins of your business.

Organizations have achieved multi-million-dollar savings due to the increased enterprise visibility, collaboration, and operational agility that AVEVA Unified Operations Center provides. Connecting people, assets, and data across your business empowers your teams with enterprise-wide visibility and collaboration that improves strategic decision-making across sites, increases agility through alignment of operations and engineering, and optimizes operations that add value to your bottom line.

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