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Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for Azure

Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for Azure

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is a SaaS service that helps organizations stay secure while building applications in and moving workloads to the public Cloud. It provides end to end visibility of your security posture in your public cloud deployment by ensuring continuous compliance and automated remediation of security controls so that you can better understand and reduce your risk posture.

One of the challenges with public cloud environments is the rate at which they change, even though the ability to change / grow elastically is one of the key advantages to adopting public cloud.; Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian provides you with visualization of your cloud assets and their inter-relationships from network, application and access perspectives effortlessly providing you with valuable insights that put you firmly back in control of your entire environment.

Maintaining compliance across your cloud environment with security frameworks such as PCI, CIS, NIST, or HIPPA can be challenging. Barracuda Cloud security Guardian installs in minutes and scans your entire cloud infrastructure for vulnerabilities against these standards. Using pre-defined or custom profiles, you can quickly remediate and maintain continuous compliance.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian looks for unsecured vulnerabilities in your cloud resources and with one click remediation, automatically deploys and configures Barracuda's Cloud Generation WAF or Cloud Generation Firewall, or Microsoft's Azure Firewall, as needed to remediate the vulnerability.