MetaOPT - Optimization as a Service


Prescriptive and Predictive Analysis as a Service

Introducing MetaOPT: A New Paradigm in AI-Driven Optimization
In the era of data-driven decision-making, MetaOPT stands as a beacon of innovation and accessibility. Our platform embodies a future where sophisticated AI and optimization models are not just the dominion of tech giants but are available to all. It's a revolution that brings the power of AI to the fingertips of every business, regardless of size or industry.
Vision and Mission: Democratizing AI and Optimization
At the heart of MetaOPT is our unwavering vision: to democratize access to complex mathematical modelling and computation. Our mission is to empower businesses to make informed, intelligent decisions through our AI and optimization tools. We strive to make the complex simple, the inaccessible attainable, and the expensive affordable.
Strategic Partnerships: Expanding Reach and Capability
MetaOPT is not a siloed platform; it's a thriving ecosystem. We extend our reach and capabilities through strategic partnerships with service and consulting businesses, ERP solutions, and Microsoft ISVs. Our partners can brandish their expertise by showcasing and selling MetaOPT models, both from our public library and those bespoke creations commissioned for their unique industry needs.
For Our Partners: Brand Integrity and Revenue Opportunities
Our partners enjoy the unique advantage of maintaining their brand integrity while offering cutting-edge AI solutions. Integrating with MetaOPT, requires no substantial upfront investments or the dilution of brand identity. Partners can offer a suite of intelligent models, driving new revenue streams and positioning themselves at the forefront of AI and optimization technology.
The MetaOPT Partner Integration: A Seamless Ecosystem
The MetaOPT partner integration is a marvel of modern technology. Through a single, unified database, our partners can offer a curated selection of models, updating in real-time, and ensuring there is no redundancy. This seamless integration allows for a cohesive and efficient distribution channel across various sectors.
Celebrating Partner Brands: A Collaborative Success
We celebrate our partners by featuring their brand alongside the models they commission or develop. This acknowledgment not only honors their contribution but also enhances their visibility across the platform. For example, OptimizeDC's partnership illustrates a successful collaboration where a model developed together with MetaOPT can now be marketed under their brand to all potential customers.
We invite service organizations, consultants, ERP solution providers, and Microsoft ISVs to join us in this transformative journey. By partnering with MetaOPT, you can expand your offerings, enhance your brand, and enter the future of AI and optimization with confidence. Join us, and let's democratize AI together, creating a world where optimal decisions are a reality for everyone.
Next Steps: Engagement and Collaboration
To commence this partnership, we encourage interested entities to contact us for a detailed discussion on integration, collaboration, and mutual growth. Reach out via or via our contact page. Together, we'll explore how your business can leverage the MetaOPT platform to not only grow but to revolutionize the very landscape of AI-driven services.

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