BuildingMinds Platform

BuildingMinds GmbH

SaaS-platform for data-driven building & portfolio management across all real estate business areas

Today’s challenges require an effective management response addressing efficiency, value generation and decarbonization strategies. The BuildingMinds platform and its advanced analytics solutions provide the actionable insights to make better decisions.

  • Data ownership: Complete control of data along the entire building and portfolio lifecycle
  • Holistic view: An unprecedented scope of relevant business KPIs in one central depository
  • Scalable insights: Intelligent analytics from building to portfolio and across all business areas
  • Advanced analytics: New decision-making quality through machine learning and AI
  • Open by design: API-first approach for a seamless interoperability of all data sources


  • Effectively manage sustainability: Manage central decarbonization challenges with specific solutions tailored to improve resource efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and future-proof buildings against climate risk.
  • Solutions for real estate investment: Improve finance analytics, successfully implement decarbonization strategies, develop new business models and data-driven management capabilities.
  • Solutions for corporate real estate: Better manage buildings, identify cost saving potential and create cross-organizational business value based on data-driven insights.


  • Real estate management cockpits: BuildingMinds analytics capabilities support real estate portfolio managers with a broad range of dashboards from finance to sustainability, advancing their portfolio’s performance at every level.

  • Dynamic data platform: The BuildingMinds platform with its Digital Building Twin and Common Data Model offers real estate managers unparalleled insights. The API-first approach ensures that any type of data, be it building-specific or contextual, can be integrated, processed and connected.

  • Digital Building Twin: All data sources are connected through a single, centralized platform. With a uniquely comprehensive Digital Building Twin, valuable data can be turned into unprecedented insights that allow managers to make the productive decisions that advance real estate portfolios.

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