Catchpoint Synthetic+RUM Monitoring Platform

por Catchpoint Systems Inc

Catchpoint Synthetic and Real User Monitoring Platform

Catchpoint is the best end-user experience intelligence platform for the customer-centric world. Drive your business’s success by monitoring performance and availability for every aspect of your customers’ experience through the most extensive monitor types, including API monitoring, DNS monitoring, SaaS monitoring, and web monitoring.

Why Catchpoint?

Using Catchpoint’s integrated Synthetic+RUM platform, you’re able to gain deep insight into the interactions, networks, apps, and infrastructure parts that make up your service delivery chain, providing you with the richest, most complete view of the customer experience.

Catchpoint’s synthetic capabilities are powered by 18 different test types and the most expansive node coverage in the industry, comprised of 685+ nodes in over 200 cities around the world. These vantage points provide you with an outside-in view of how end users are interacting with your digital properties, regardless of their device, geographic location, or ISP.

The platform includes Real User Monitoring(RUM) in addition to Synthetic, enabling you to collect data in real time from the end users visiting your sites and applications. All plans include 1.5 million monthly pageviews, allowing you to measure the impact of performance issues on y our users, engagement, and revenue. This real user data can be correlated with your synthetic test data to track your business KPIs, view global and regional outages, or create ‘what-if’ scenarios to project the impact of changes.

This integrated platform allows you to:

  • Collect and analyze actionable, trustworthy data
  • Gain comprehensive end-user experience visibility
  • Detect and fix issues before your customers are affected 
  • Continuously optimize your service delivery

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