Contact Center - OpenAI

por Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Elevating Customer Engagement with a comprehensive Open AI Solution

Customer engagement during calls is crucial, yet many contact centers miss the mark, resulting in one-sided conversations and dissatisfied customers.
Celebal Technologies offers a comprehensive Open AI solution, with real-time agent assistance and dashboards for seamless contact center operations. This empowers agents to provide excellent service while enabling managers to optimize performance, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and business success.

  • Agent & Manager Dashboard: Monitor & manage performance in real-time
  • Call Tagging: Label and categorize calls for further analysis
  • Pre-built PBX System Integration: Seamlessly integrate with existing systems
  • Speaker Detection: Identify who is speaking during a call
  • Profanity: Detect and manage inappropriate language in calls
  • Recommendations: Receive actionable recommendations based on call data
  • Speaker Diarization: Identify speakers in calls for context analysis
  • Knowledge Base: Build a repository of insights for future reference
  • Sentiment Journey: Analyze customer sentiment throughout calls.
  • Context Analysis: Understand the context of customer interactions
  • SLA Breach: Ensure adherence to service level agreements

Business Impacts:-
  • Personalized Interactions - 20-30% Faster customer resolution
  • Agent Training - 30-35% Reduced agent training time
  • Uplevel Self-Service - 50-60% Improved first time resolution
  • Less Operation costs - 15-20% Lower labor & operational costs

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