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CognitiveScale Banking Compliance Insights


CognitiveScale Risk and Compliance - Banking Insight

Cortex is the world’s first industry-optimized augmented intelligence platform. Augmented intelligence technology delivers systems of intelligent engagement that replicate human-like cognitive abilities in software, such as memory, sequencing, perception, anticipation, problem solving, and decision making. Cortex AI platform radically simplifies design, development, deployment, and management of enterprise-grade AI solutions across its lifecycle for each industry–from the design and composition of intelligent agents, to the orchestration and dynamic optimization of rich domain models and the curation of industry data that feeds into the models.

Apply machine-learning automation to reduce compliance risk incidents associated with key banking processes such as AML, KYC, fraud, complaints, and information governance while reducing operating costs.

Deliver proactive, hyper-personalized insights for wealth clients and financial advisors, allowing them to scale more effectively to service a significantly higher volume of clients.

Improve research quality through machine-generated insights and continuous learning to power timely and higher-quality investment decisions and customer experience.

Apply machine-intelligence to reduce compliance risk incidents and exposure while reducing operating costs.