Complete platform for conversations at people's pace

Blip is a SaaS platform for smart conversations, designed for brands to evolve the exchange with their audience, safely and completely.

With over 20 years of experience and leadership in the field, Blip has the resources to facilitate the entire customer journey: marketing, service, payment, engagement and more. And the best thing – all of this on channels where consumers are already and like to interact.

At the pace of conversational age, also take advantage of new opportunities to grow from insights from powerful Artificial Intelligence. Power your conversations even further using Blip's integrations with Microsoft Services:

Azure OpenAI

Much more than a chatbot, Blip's Smart Contact brings together the best of automation and human service. With the Azure OpenAI Service integrated into messaging channels (WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and others), even more natural and personalized dialogs are created through machine learning. Thus, your demands become more targeted and agile.

Dynamics 365

A customer initiates a conversation with your company and, automatically, a new contact is created in your data management system. Now it’s possible with Blip's integration with Dynamics 365. Update lead fields with data entered in message channels, trigger active notifications and enable the service of different attendants in the same conversation thread – without having to change interfaces. Improve your sales and service experience and achieve the best ROI in your company's history.

Power BI

Achieve much greater operational efficiency with data driven strategies. By integrating Smart Contact with Power BI, you can easily view the performance data of your conversations and make much safer decisions. It's good for everyone: customers, staff and managers.


Along with the main unified communication channel, you now also have Smart Contact. How about, for example, developing an automated FAQ for your company? In a few clicks, employees can find answers to the most common questions, while Smart Contact evolves from each of these conversations. Make it even easier for people inside and outside your organization to communicate.

Thanks to all this pioneering spirit and reinforcing its leadership in conversational intelligence, in 2020 Blip received the largest Series A contribution in the history of the investment market in Brazil until that moment: US$100 million from Warburg Pincus. In 2022, it also received a Series B contribution of US$70 million from the same investor.

With Blip, conversations happen at people's pace.

This app is available in PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese), EN-US (American English) and ES-ES (Spanish Spain).

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