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Your central links repository, available anywhere in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

This is the subscription component for the My Links Web Part.

My Links lets you carry your links anywhere!

My Links is a SharePoint app where you can add and manage your web links through an intuitive interface. The links can point to locations across your Microsoft 365 environment as well as any web site on the Internet.

After installing My Links in a SharePoint page and adding your links, you can also install the My Links web part in another location and your original links will be available to you at the new location. My Links can be installed in multiple SharePoint locations, always providing you quick access to your original links list. Furthermore, you can update your links using the same intuitive interface from any location where the app is installed.

In addition to maintaining personal links that are only available to you - the user, My Links can also display a list of links provided by your organization (as provided by Site Owners, Managers, Editors, etc.). These links are called Org Links and they are managed through a SharePoint list called Org Links list. Once management adds new links to the Org list, they will be displayed on top of the My Links app and be accessible by all users that installed My Links in the organization.

For example, when a user installs My Links for the first time, they will see only the Org Links posted by their organization and an interface to add their personal links. Once they add their personal links through the app’s interface, they will see the Org Links on top followed by their personal links.

Key Features

- Add your links once and use them anywhere in SharePoint. This is different than the SharePoint Out Of the Box (OOTB) Quick Links web part, since with Quick Links you have to add your links every time (and at every location) you install the Web Part.

- An organization can list useful links that will be available to every user at every page the My Links app is installed. This is different than the SharePoint OOTB Quick Links web part, since there is no central link management functionality available with Quick Links.

- Intuitive, simple User Interface, similar to many other OOTB Web Parts provided by SharePoint. No need to learn a new design language, start using the app within seconds.

- Add and manage links by clicking on the cog wheel directly on the web part *without* editing the page.

How To Use

- My Links creates a list called 'Org Links' in the root of your tenant (e.g., add your company's shared links to this list and make sure users are able to read it.

- Every user can add their own links through the My Links interface (by clicking the My Links settings wheel).

- Every user can change the images associated with their links, by clicking on the default globe icon for their link, and selecting from the many image options.

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