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Dalikoo's HR portal offers a secure M365 area for AI powered Human Resources info and action center

Dalikoo HR Portal: Streamlined HR Management within Your Microsoft Tenant

Dalikoo's HR portal offers a centralized platform to manage all your Human Resource needs, seamlessly integrated within your Microsoft tenant for enhanced security and data privacy. Here's a breakdown of its key functionalities:

1. Celebrations and New Hires Components:

  • Foster a welcoming and inclusive company culture by utilizing:
    • Celebrations: Recognize employees birthdays and work anniversaries through announcements and personalized messages within the portal.
    • New Hires: Welcome New Hires to the team by formally announcing them, and include their title, office location and manager.

2. Secure AI Chatbot for HR Inquiries:

  • Address employee questions efficiently with an AI-powered chatbot that offers secure conversations around HR documents stored within the portal. All information remains confidential within your Microsoft tenant, ensuring regulatory compliance and data privacy.

3. Document Management System:

  • Enhance accessibility and organization of HR documents by offering a central repository within the portal. Employees can easily review documents related to:
    • Group benefits plans
    • Vacation policy details
    • Company policies and guidelines

4. Streamlined Workflow Management:

  • Empower employees to take an active role in HR processes through the portal:
    • Submit claims and expense reports electronically for faster processing.
    • Request formal approvals for various activities through a defined workflow.


  • Centralized Platform: Unifies HR functionalities within a user-friendly portal, improving accessibility and streamlining workflows.
  • Enhanced Security: Leverages Microsoft's robust security infrastructure to ensure all data remains within your tenant, meeting strict data privacy regulations.
  • AI-powered Efficiency: Chatbot reduces HR workload by answering common questions and directing inquiries to the appropriate resources.
  • Improved Employee Experience: Provides a one-stop shop for employees to access HR information, submit requests, and stay informed.

Dalikoo's HR portal integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft ecosystem, fostering a secure, efficient, and employee-centric HR management experience.

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